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Say Cheeze.

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Glamper Photo Lounge

Roomy enough for 10. Swanky enough for all...

Our Glamper Photo Lounge was created with fabulous design and versatility in mind.


From the artwork on the walls to the colors of pillows and style of decor, you can create your own lounge look and feel to better fit your wedding or event.

With our wide angle shots, your printed and shared photos will show the real atmosphere of the party surrounding you and your friends. 

No longer are you limited to just heads and shoulders. 


We can even show off some knees and toes...

Luxe Mirror

If you are looking for a photobooth kiosk that doesn't look like an industrial piece of equipment the maintenance crew left behind, look no further than the Luxe Mirror. 

Rhinestone-studded, diamond pleated leather cases will fit seamlessly into your event and look more like decor than a parking meter.

Change the video graphics, the audio call-outs and throw a slide show onto the rear display and you have a fully customized experience you won't soon forget.

Luxe Mirror, Luxe Mirror next to the wall, who will be the snazziest photobooth customer of all?

Custom Backdrops
Fun Attendants
All DSLR Cameras
Inflatable LED Light Booth
Multiple Booth Styles
Personalized Photo Frames
Height Adjustable
Custom Lighting
High Quality Props


Houston, TX is home but our booths have an enviable degree of wanderlust. 

If you're looking to add some fun to your event and you only settle for the best, contact us today.