Luxe Mirror Options/Upgrades

Not all events are created equal.  Your booking always comes with your choice of case colors to better suit the occasion.

All rhinestone-studded, you can choose from White, Hot Pink or Black.  Note that the rhinestones on the black case are also black for less glammy events. 

Choice Of Cases

Visual Representation. Actual Plants Will Vary

Staging Plants

Let us be the first to admit it; photobooth stations aren't exactly pretty :I  From the machine itself to the chords, the lighting, the prop station, etc...

We decided to offer an enhancement to our stations with the addition of potted plants.  They may be faux, but the visual improvement is definitely real!  Plant package $100

Cheeze Wrapper Backdrop

While we can offer a standard flat background frame in a variety colors and finishes, nothing compares to our premium Cheeze Wrapper Backdrop.  Not to mention, no unsightly tripods to look at or trip over!

As you can see on the right, we also include side lighting for indoor applications to eliminate shadows and enhance the results of the photos.  Black/White $100 or Green Screen $200. Custom graphics $550.


Houston, TX is home but our booths have an enviable degree of wanderlust. 

If you're looking to add some fun to your event and you only settle for the best, contact us today.