Glamper Lounge Upgrades


While the Glamper Lounge is super sweet au naturale, what could be sweeter than adding your own personal touch to the exterior with corporate branding, event logos or personalized wedding artwork?

Starting from just $295 for smaller logos (30"x 30ish") and as large as a full custom wrap, the options are limitless to make our Glamper Lounge your Glamper Lounge.  Customers and guests will be blown away by your personal touch! 

Custom Background Artwork

The Glamper Lounge was specifically designed by us to be personally designed by you. At the heart of the available changes you can make is the background artwork. And the best news is, the custom art will be yours to keep!

Do you love grafitti art?  You can have it in the Glamper Lounge.  Want to add your company logo?  How about a custom neon light?  Yep... if it fits we can include it.  Canvas from $350 (22"X 60").

Tailored Decor

Why stop at customizing your background artwork when you can redecorate the entire lounge and really make it your own? 


Vary the pillows you lean on, swap out the rug you walk on, change the supporting canvas art to match the background your photos rely on, accessorize tabletop doodads... 

Everybody has different tastes and desires.  We believe that to make a truly tailored experience you have to have options. 


Why plan an entire wedding with the colors you want only to be stuck with the same photobooth everybody else has already posted on Instagram before you? Too bad so sad :(  This upgrade cost is TBD after consultation.

Personalized LED Sign (ExteriorTop Mount)

We always come packing our fabulous "Glam Cam" sign to your event but, if you want to create your own icing on the camper cake, we can customize a sign just for you.

Logos, last names (The Johnson's), event names or anything else you can think of can be custom designed and fabricated just for you. All lighted signs are color-changing capable RGB and come with a remote.  Yours to keep!  Starting from $500


Houston, TX is home but our booths have an enviable degree of wanderlust. 

If you're looking to add some fun to your event and you only settle for the best, contact us today.